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A long history of excellence

History of Hotel Hassler Roma


Roberto Jr. and Veruschka Wirth, respectively Executive President and CEO of the Hassler Roma, represent the sixth generation of a famous dynasty of Swiss hoteliers.

The dynasty began with Franz-Josef Bucher, now considered one of the pioneers of the hotel industry in Europe. In the 1870s, Bucher bought and developed the Trittalp area of Switzerland, previously remote and inaccessible. Within a couple of years, he built several hotels in addition to the Hammetschwand, still the highest chair-lift in Europe, and the Burgenstock railway.

In 1890, he sent his son-in-law, Heinrich Wirth, to Rome to become manager of the Hotel Minerva. There began the Wirth family's historical ties with Rome. Heinrich Wirth's son, Oscar, joined the Hotel Hassler in 1921 and became the partner of another Swiss Hotelier, Mr. Hassler, and later the owner of the prestigious hotel.

In 1939, Oscar demolished the building almost entirely in order to rebuild it. After the hotel was requisitioned by the US Air Force to serve as their Rome headquarters during World War II, the new Hassler was finally opened to the public in 1947.

In 1950, Roberto, the first son of Oscar and his wife Carmen, was born in Rome. 
Roberto E. Wirth was devoted and attentive and considered the Hotel his home and family heritage. During the 90s he has also acquired Il Palazzetto, a charming 16th- century building overlooking Spanish Steps and a few minutes from the Hassler, which is a hotel with four rooms, a wine bar and a private event space. Roberto E. Wirth transmitted his commitment, his passion and dedication and personal touch to his sons Roberto Jr. and Veruschka Wirth who have inherited the property and management of the Hassler in 2022. During the last century, the hotel has achieved its position as one of Europe’s top hotels and the preferred destination for the elite society’s sojourns in Rome. 

Since Roberto Wirth was born profoundly deaf, he was very active in various associations for the deaf in addition to founding
  CABSS (Assistance Center for Deaf and Deafblind Children) , a non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting deaf and deafblind children, and their families. The association focuses in particular on children from birth to six years and works with projects that promote an adequate cognitive, emotional, social, linguistic and communicative development, that allows children to fully express their personality.