Trevi fountain Location

Hotel Hassler Roma, one of the best hotels in romeis located 800 meters away from the Trevi Fountain, the largest Baroque fountain in the city and one of the most famous fountains in the world, situated in the Trevi district. 

It stands 26.3 meters high and 49.15 meters wide.

It served as a display of an ancient roman aqueduct termination, the Virgo - Virgin in English – Aqueduct.

The design of the Trevi fountain

The design of the Trevi fountain is based on three architectural elements: a façade made of travertine; statues of carrara marble; a see reef also made of travertine. In the middle, there is the statue of Ocean who is carried on his triumphal chariot by two horses jockeyed by two Tritons. In the left part of the arch there is the statue of Abundance and in the right portion the statue of Health.

In June 2014, the Italian fashion company Fendi sponsored a 20-month restoration work (2.2-million-euro) which ended in November 2015. It was to be the most thorough restoration in the fountain's history.

The fountain has appeared in several notable films, including Federico Fellini's La Dolce Vita.

The legend says that in order to come back to Rome you have to throw a coin in the water using the right hand over the right shoulder.

The Trevi Fountain is located near two famous shopping centers, the Alberto Sordi Gallery and the Rinascente, this latter that opened in 2017.

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