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No hidden fees: be assured that at the Hassler we do not charge any booking fees and we maintain a full transparency policy of charges.

Best rate guarantee: here at the Hassler you are sure to find the lowest rate possible for your stay.

Expertise: on the Hassler website you’ll find the most updated news and offers.

Personalization: through direct booking at the Hassler, you will have access to our dedicated reservations specialists to help with your booking.

Security: through hotelhasslerroma.com you can book under the highest security standards possible. All the transactions are completely safe with us.

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Before entering the room, the staff will wear the appropriate personal protective equipment.
The guest must not be present in the room.
The room will be aerated by opening the windows before undertaking the subsequent cleaning operations.
Before use, disposable cloths or cleaning material are treated with a 2% sodium hypochlorite solution for 10 minutes or with another equally effective treatment.
Only one member of the staff at a time will be allowed in the room.

Maintenance operations will be performed, if possible, when the room is not occupied and always before cleaning and sanitizing.
After each check-out the A/C filters will be cleaned and/or replaced. The cleaning of the air conditioning systems will be carried out after turning off the systems.
The vents and ventilation grills will be cleaned with clean microfiber cloths moistened with soap and water or with 75% ethyl alcohol and then dried.

Particular care will be applied when cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces the guests are more likely to touch: bed tables, desk, amenities, telephones, remote controls, pens, handles and push-button panels, closets and drawers, etc.

Dirty laundry will be stored in a closed container which will be kept separate from the clean laundry trolley to prevent the two from coming into contact.
Bed and bath linens will be changed daily. 

The waste in the room will be thrown into a basket fitted with a plastic bag that will be closed tightly.

The floors will be cleaned and sanitized with products suitable for the different types of materials.

The use of carpets, runners, decorative cushions and other furnishings that do not undergo daily cleaning cycles will be avoided.

Coffee machines and kettles, if present in the room, will be cleaned and sanitized daily. 


The room will be aerated by opening the windows, before undertaking the next cleaning operations.
All the bed and bath linens will be changed, even the unused ones.
The waste in the room will be thrown into a basket fitted with a plastic bag that will be closed tightly.

All bathroom amenities will be removed, including shampoo, foam bath, body milk and toilet paper, even if not used.

The bathroom will be cleaned with disinfectant and specific products for each surface.
All surfaces, both vertical and horizontal, will be sanitized, including accessories such as hair dryers, etc.
Inside the room particular care will be applied to the cleaning of telephones and remote controls, push-button panels and a/c displays, safe door and relative push-button panel, drawer’s opening knobs, window handles, and more generally bed backs, bedside tables, desk, chairs and in particular the armrests.

Carpet and floors will be vacuumed and subsequently washed with disinfectants.

After cleaning, incoming guests will be informed with a message, that all of the room sanitization procedures were followed. 

Room Service - Minibar
All sealed bags, boxes and jars (chips, nuts, chocolate etc.) in the minibar area will be cleaned.
The minibar will be carefully cleaned and sanitized both internally and externally.
All the glasses, cutlery and cups in the room will be replaced.

Stay-over rooms will be cleaned with the same procedure followed for the rooms upon departure, except for the removal of clean bath linens and unused or partially used amenities. 
Every surface will be disinfected trying to avoid touching and/or moving the guests’ properties.


The cleaning procedure will be the same as per the stay-over rooms without removing clean bed and bath linens nor unused or partially used amenities.
Every surface will be disinfected trying to avoid touching and/or moving the guests’ personal properties.
The room will be prepared for the night as per the normal procedure: both water and chocolates will be placed on the bedside table, while the breakfast door hanger menu and the "guest comments" questionnaire, in case of departure the following day, will be placed on the desk in a visible way.