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No hidden fees: be assured that at the Hassler we do not charge any booking fees and we maintain a full transparency policy of charges.

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The entrance, the exit and all the movements inside the structure will be organized for few people at a time, in order not to create queues or gatherings. It will be mandatory to avoid any physical contact, such as shaking hands, and it will be essential not to create groups inside the common areas of the hotel. Attendees and guests will have to access directly the meeting room, in order to take their own seat. Participants will find informative plaques with all the relevant instructions regarding meeting spaces.
If possible, a numbered allocated seat, to be used during the entire duration of the event, will be assigned to each participant.

Cloakroom service and the use of hangers will not be allowed. Alternative solutions, in order to support attendees, will be arranged. 

A 60-85% alcohol concentration gel for hand hygiene will be made available to guests and hotel staff, on the speakers’ desk and on a desk at the bottom of the meeting room.

To allow the speaker to deliver the speech without wearing a mask, the podium will be placed at a distance of at least two meters from any other person on the platform and from the first row of seats.

In order to allow the speakers to intervene without wearing the mask, they will be seated at the table keeping the minimum distance of one meter between one another. 

The use of mobile microphones, mouses, keyboards, touch screens, remote controls, etc. by different people, must be avoided. If that is not possible, such devices will be disinfected between use. 
At every speaker’s shift, there will be a sanitizer/sanitizing available for the electronic equipments, such as microphones, computers and any other technical devices.
Microphones will be sanitized at the beginning of the event, with an antipop change for each speaker and will be kept inside specific little bags. Antipop change and sanitizing process will be done with single use gloves.

The premises will be aerated during the intervals and sanitized after each event.

The exact number of attendees must be communicated in advance and we won’t be in the position of accepting a greater number of participants. 
Any kind of material or gift for the guests/attendees must be left directly on the chairs before the beginning of the event.

The event organizers, their staff and all the participants must wear adequate PPE (masks or any other PPE if required) either during the event or every time they will move/walk inside the hotel. Masks can be removed only during lunch or dinner, once guests/attendees will have reached their table.

Since it won’t be possible to arrange any registration desk, the event planner must proceed with the registration and the badges’ delivery in a different way, in order not to create gatherings and to respect social distancing.