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No hidden fees: be assured that at the Hassler we do not charge any booking fees and we maintain a full transparency policy of charges.

Best rate guarantee: here at the Hassler you are sure to find the lowest rate possible for your stay.

Expertise: on the Hassler website you’ll find the most updated news and offers.

Personalization: through direct booking at the Hassler, you will have access to our dedicated reservations specialists to help with your booking.

Security: through hotelhasslerroma.com you can book under the highest security standards possible. All the transactions are completely safe with us.

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Clients will be allowed to stay in the premises only for the time necessary for the treatment. Only a limited number of clients will be allowed in the salon (maximum three clients and three operators simultaneously). 

Spaces will be organized in order to ensure that a social distance of at least one meter is kept both between the workstations and between the clients. 

In the salon, hand sanitizers will be available to clients and operators who will kindly be invited to frequently wash their hands. 

All printed material and magazines have been removed; the Pressreader App can be used to download and read newspapers and magazines directly from smartphones. 

The operator and the client who, because of the type of service provided, cannot maintain the one meter distance between each other, must wear a mask for the entire duration of the service; additionally, the operator must wear protective gears such as the FFP2 mask or the visor, gloves, disposable aprons etc., depending on the specific risks associated with the job performed. 

The operator must frequently sanitize his/her hands (before and after each service) with sanitizing products and will use disposable aprons. 

A thorough cleaning and sanitization of all surfaces and workstations will be carried out before each new client, as well as the sanitization of equipment and accessories.

A regular cleaning and sanitization of the bathrooms will be ensured. 

The premises will be constantly aerated by opening the windows. 

Air conditioning can be used provided the air exchange measures are strengthened (since the air recirculation function cannot be excluded). Also, the cleaning of the recirculation air filters, made when the system is shut down, must be guaranteed to maintain appropriate levels of filtration/removal.