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musei vaticani


Vatican City State, where the Vatican Museums are located, was founded following the signing of the Lateran Pacts between the Holy See and Italy on February 11th 1929.
Its nature as a sovereign State distinct from the Holy See is universally recognized under international law.

Vatican City is the smallest independent state in the world in terms of inhabitants and size. It occupies an area of 44 hectares. The borders are represented by its walls and the travertine pavement curve that joins the two wings of the colonnades in St Peter’s Square. Beyond the proper territory of the State, Vatican jurisdiction also covers some extraterritorial areas within and outside Rome.

Within the walls, you can visit Saint Peter's Basilica, the Vatican Museums and the Vatican Gardens.
Saint Peter’s Basilica is the papal enclave within the city of Rome. Designed principally by Donato Bramante, Michelangelo, Carlo Maderno and Gian Lorenzo Bernini, St. Peter's Basilica is the most renowned work of Renaissance architecture and the largest church in the world.
The Vatican Museums are Christian and art museums that display works from the immense collection amassed by popes throughout the centuries including several of the most renowned Roman sculptures and most important masterpieces of Renaissance art in the world. Pope Julius II founded the Vatican Museums in the early 16th century. The Sistine Chapel and the Stanze di Raffaello are on the visitor route through the Vatican Museums.
The Vatican Gardens. are private urban gardens and parks which cover more than half of the country, approximately 23 hectares (57 acres) which is most of the Vatican Hill.

For guided tours please visit the following website www.museivaticani.va