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Trevi Fountain Hotel

Trevi Fountain Hotel

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Located just 10 minutes walking from the luxury Hotel Hassler Roma, the Trevi Fountain is among the most important fountains in Rome. Designed by Nicola Salvi and located at the side of Palazzo Poli, it portrays a combination of classic and baroque styles. The sculptures that adorn the fountain narrate the various events tied to the discovery of the very source that supplies water to the fountain. At the center of the monumental complex lies the statue of Ocean, represented by a seashell-shaped carriage led by winged horses, in addition to various tritons, mythological and real marine-animal sculptures.

The history of the fountain begins with General Agrippa, son-in-law of Emperor Augustus, who had running water arrive all the way to the Pantheon and its thermal baths thanks to the construction of the Virgin aqueduct, also called Acqua Virgo.

Urban VIII (Maffeo Barberini), assigned Bernini to demolish the ancient prospectus in 1625 in order to start the design of a new, more grandiose fountain, but this fell through after only four years due to the Pope’s death. 

Only 90 years later in 1730, Pope Clement XII proclaimed a competition for the creation of the fountain which was won by a stranger, Nicola Salvi, who made the masterpiece, rumors say, by stealing Bernini’s first project. Work on the fountain lasted 30 years and was finished under Pope Clement XIII in 1762. The last stone was put in place by painter and architect Giuseppe Pannini.

Tens of thousands visit the famous fountain daily in order to toss a coin into it which, legend has it, guarantees the visitor’s return to Rome at least once more in a lifetime. Visit the Trevi Fountain during your stay at the Hassler Hotel.

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