Hotel Hassler Roma
4.5 stars - based on 315 reviews
Piazza Trinità dei Monti Rome, Italy 600187
+39 06 699340
from €380 Per Room
Hassler Roma - Hotel Overlooking Spanish Steps

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Hotel Overlooking Spanish Steps

Hotel Overlooking Spanish Steps

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The Hassler Hotel Roma has a prime location in central Rome, overlooking the famous Spanish Steps in central Rome. The Spanish Steps were created by Roman architect Francesco de Sanctis (1721-25). The 135 stairs are one of Rome’s most important baroque -era legacies.

At the top of the steps lies the Sallustian obelisk made during the Roman époque in imitation of Egyptian obelisks, as well as the Church of Trinità dei Monti, created on the request of Charles VIII and restored by Louis XVIII. Frescoes by Perin del Vaga and of the Zuccari family adorn its interior. The 5 Star Hotel Hassler Roma is located just off Piazza Trinitá dei Monti at the top of the steps.

At the base of the steps lies the famous Piazza di Spagna with its fountain la Barcaccia, created by sculptor Pietro Bernini, father of Gian Lorenzo. 

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