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How important are renovations within the hotel?

by Hassler Roma

In our opinion, very. In the words of Hassler Roma’s President and Managing Director Roberto E. Wirth, “a hotel needs to constantly invest to maintain its structures up-to-date and renew various areas on an ongoing basis in order to stay ahead of the competition and offer guests the highest standards and quality experience they expect, because a happy guest is one who will return throughout the years, and across the generations”.  

The Hassler has 96 rooms of which 14 are suites, each individually decorated and designed to fit travellers’ specific needs, whether it be spacious suites with connecting rooms for families or flexible work areas with office space for business travelers. The rooms and suites are renovated on a regular basis in order to provide guests with maximum comfort and a rewarding experience stay after stay.  

The newly redesigned cocktail bar area in the open-air Palm Court garden features a contemporary, scenographic art-nouveau-style bar in mint-green fiberglass with a mesmerizing play of light and water. The Palm Court remains in this way the freshest location in town for lunch and dinner during the summer as well as the perfect spot for a relaxing afternoon tea/coffee and cocktails in the evening, accompanied by live piano music.  

Located on the Hassler’s 8th floor, the brand-new 400 sqm Hassler Penthouse suite was completed toward the end of 2012. Elegant, contemporary décor blends seamlessly with a state-of-the-art music and lighting system. Two panoramic terraces in Travertine marble define the perimeter of the spacious suite, as well as an elevator with direct access to the suite, grand piano and fully-stocked bar area adjacent to the dining room, a staff room with video-surveillance system, a kitchen complete with custom-designed fine bone china tableware, and of course the breathtaking view of the historic center’s skyline which may be admired from every room, including the spacious bathrooms.  

What’s on next? The Concierge and Reception area…stay posted.


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