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Hotel Hassler cited in "The Great Beauty" of Paolo Sorrentino

by HasslerRoma

The Hotel Hassler cited in “The Great Beauty” (La Grande Bellezza)
by Paolo Sorrentino 

Oscar as best foreign language film

During the dinner party held at Jep Gambardella’s house
with the Cardinal and “the saint”….

- (Dadina): Sister Mary, in which convent are you staying these days?

- (Assistant to “the saint”): Actually, we are sleeping at the Hotel Hassler, at      
Trinità dei Monti.

- Nice!

- (Assistant to “the saint”): To be honest, Sister Mary finds it uncomfortable.

- (Lello Cava): It’s the first time I hear that the Hassler is uncomfortable!

- (Assistant to “the saint”): It’s very comfortable! It’s just that…Sister Mary is not        used to sleeping in a bed. She always sleeps on the ground in a bed made              of carton.


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