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Hassler Roma - Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hassler Roma 5 star
The Hassler Roma actively sustains the Center for the Assistance of Deaf and Deafblind
Children (CABSS Onlus). 

CABSS was founded in 2004 by Roberto E. Wirth, who was himself born profoundly deaf.
Through CABSS he has been able to fulfil his dream of providing deaf children with the
same opportunities he had to access early support and appropriate educational services
which eventually enabled him to become the Hotel Hassler’s President and Managing
Director, overseeing and managing one of Rome’s most prestigious hotels.

CABSS offers early intervention programs for deaf and deafblind children between the
ages of 0 and 6, one of the most crucial periods in terms of adequate cognitive, affective
-emotional, social, communicative and linguistic development. 
CABSS also welcomes the childrens’ parents, offering them support and advice in raising and
caring for their children, as well as methods and techniques that will enable them to build effective
The early intervention programs are achieved within a multisensory laboratory, an environment that
is accessible, safe and adaptable to the needs of every single child. 

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