Hotel Hassler Roma
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Piazza Trinità dei Monti Rome, Italy 600187
+39 06 699340
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Hassler Roma - Colosseum Hotel

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Colosseum Hotel

Colosseum Hotel

Hotel Near Colosseum Rome

The Colosseum is Ancient Rome’s most grandiose monument. Vespasian began its construction in 72 a.c., later completed by Titus and Domiziano of the Flavian dynasty. It is said to have been inaugurated with festivities that lasted 100 days. It owes its conservation to Benedikt XIV (1740-’58) who determined the end to its continuous plundering by declaring it sacred in light of the belief, at the time, that it had been soaked with the blood of many Christian martyrs. The famous terraces were able to host 50,000 spectators, sustained by three kinds of arches, unsurpassed in their structural audacity.

You can reach the Colosseum from the Hassler Hotel by foot, approximately 30 minutes walking through Rome’s picturesque streets, or our Concierge can arrange transportation for you.

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