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Imàgo's Risotto with Cacio cheese, pepper and sesame Recipe by Chef Francesco Apreda

by HasslerRoma

A recipe from the Hassler's panoramic, Michelin-starred restaurant Imàgo for the Winter...

Risotto with cacio cheese, pepper and sesame
By Chef Francesco Apreda  

Cheese sauce: 500gr Carnaroli superfine rice, 80gr butter, 80gr Roman caciotta, 20gr shallots, 140ml sparkling wine, 1l chicken broth, extra virgin olive oil.

Pepper and Sesame Blend: 12gr black sesame, 14gr white sesame, 12gr toasted sesame, 9gr nigella, 10gr poppy seeds, 10gr Tellicherry black pepper, 12gr Muntok white powder, 10gr Venus pepper, 13gr Cubeba pepper, 9gr Sichuan pepper.

Sour Butter: 1 white onion, 250ml white wine,175ml white wine vinegar, 250gr butter, 12 year aged traditional balsamic vinegar, atsina cress.

SOUR BUTTER: peel and finely chop the onion, sautée it in a pan, cover with the wine and vinegar and reduce on a gentle flame until all the liquid has evaporated. Remove from heat and incorporate the butter at room temperature mixing vigorously until completely melted, filter through the chinoise and place in the fridge to rest.

PEPPER E SESAME BLEND: put the ingredients in the blender and pulverize.

RISOTTO WITH SPARKLING WINE AND CACIOTTA CHEESE: chop the shallots and sautée them in a pan with half the butter and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, add the rice and sauté with half the sparkling wine. Salt and continue to simmer gradually adding the boiling chicken broth. When the rice is almost cooked, remove from heat, leave to rest for 2 minutes and then cream by adding the remaining sparkling wine, the other half of the butter, a knob of sour butter and the grated caciotta.

FINISHING TOUCHES: place the risotto onto the plate, cover with the grated caciotta and sprinkle an abundant layer of the blend. Garnish with a few drops of traditional balsamic vinegar and the atsina cress.



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