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Roman tradition lives on at the Hasslers Salone Eva Restaurant

by HasslerRoma

Roman tradition lives on at the Hassler’s Salone Eva Restaurant

The Hassler’s Executive Chef Francesco Apreda, together with his sous-chef of over ten years, Marcello Romano, have created a brand new “Roman Tradition” menu which offers the most typical local and seasonal dishes, inspired by and in homage to Rome, the Eternal City. Simple, genuine flavors created with the freshest local ingredients ingredients and minute attention to preparation.

The "Roman Tradition’s" menu’s appetizers include: chicory-heart salad Roman-style, carpaccio of veal nerves with mixed field greens, and a selection of local cold cuts and cheeses from the region of Lazio.  First courses include a savory Rigatoni pasta Amatriciana-style, Maccheroni pasta Chitarra-style with cheese and pepper sauce, Oxtail-filled ravioli, and Roman egg drop soup.  Main courses feature: meatballs with Roman-style artichokes, lamb chops Scottadito with sautéed chicory, and salt cod with chickpeas and Roman broccoli. Last but not least, the home-made Morello-cherry and ricotta cheese pie.


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