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Top 5 things to do in Rome in January

by HasslerRoma

Rome is not only open-air cafés, gelato, and strolling about the beautiful squares…it is all that and more!

The Eternal City’s Winter season brings cold winds but also loads of fun and interesting activities, among which our personal favourite top 5:

Sales starting on January 4th, 2014: Who doesn’t love a bargain? Designer bags, shoes and accessories at outrageously good prices.  

The Ice Park at the Auditorium: a 600sqm ice rink for children and adults to test their ice-skating skills out and impress their friends.  

High Tea at the Hassler’s Salone Eva: a precious location in the heart of the city’s center, at the top of the Spanish Steps. Surrounded by the Hassler’s elegant atmosphere, guests may order “High Tea” and choose among the fresh organic tea blends expressly made by the Salone Eva's Maitre accompanied by the Hassler's selection of delicious home-made biscuits, cakes and savories, or the “Tea and Chocolate Menu”, including a choice of white, milk or dark chocolate fondue, and a flute of Ruinart “R” Champagne.  

Underground Rome Tour: thirty feet under the ground lies a fascinating subterranean world of ancient wonders. This tour will take guests off the beaten track, on a journey of discovery of Rome’s hidden layers and buried treasures.  The expert guide will lead one beneath the hustle and bustle of modern day Rome, to a silent city of villas, baths, crypts, catacombs and aqueducts.

Teatro dell’Opera: an opera, theatre piece or ballet in Rome’s famous Opera Theatre is a must in the Roman Winter. Artists and musicians of the highest calibre perform at this timeless venue.    


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